I remember forests that stretched into the sky.
I recall songs filled with wisdom and desire.
Will you?


The Clones, the clones they're everywhere
I don't pay them any mind
The drones, the drones, they're built to scare
I leave, I leave my fears behind

It's a slave that sticks with a god that makes him sick
and then demands him well
I'll cast my lot with the universe
You can keep your pretty little hell

Been driven to oblivion and found my own way back
Fuck your hidden agendas
Keep your spies off my back
Suck that mic and stuff that stupid camera up your ass
Your database ain't dope enough to hold a mind this vast

You think you have me pinned?
You think you have me analyzed?
Your sights are set to win
It's I who will survive.

A little bout of sadness
That doubt I held within
I've touched the heart of madness
Resisted all the spin

You think you'll keep me cornered?
Keep me lost and alone?
You've got another thing coming with all that I have honed
What is the price of life?
The cost of sanity?
I've paid it all and more than what it takes to be free


A thrust from the past
at last relieves the pressure that held you in.
Through the promise of the crossing
a song is formed within.

The threshold's reached
The threshold's breached
We're through the other side

The dance with chance and circumstance
has left our minds revived.


Album: Over It.

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